Lora Moran Studio

Juried Shows

​    BWI Artists of A.A Co. "Motion" March - June 2019

​    Courthouse exhibit  "Three Figurative Artists Nov 2018- Jan.         2019.

    "Artsworks @ 7th and Friends" invitational Nov. 1-18, 2018   

    "Treasures" invitational at CalvART Gallery July - Aug. 2018

      "Arts In Action" Annemarie Gardens Feb. 13 - Feb. 23, 2018

     MCAG Ginger Cove exhibit  January - March 2018  

       What's Up Magazine  "Land and Sea"  March - July 2018

     What's Up Magazine "Light and Shadow" December 2017-           February 2018.

​     What's Up Magazine " Humans" August - October 2017

     Anne Arundel Medical Center "Bright as Day; Dark as                   Night" October 2015-February 2016 

   Smithsonian Staff  "Artists At Work"  Feb.-March 2015

​         BWI Artists of Anne Arundel County "Relationships"                     exhibit (November-March 2015)

      BWI Artist of Anne Arundel County "The Sky's the Limit" 

      exhibit (March- June 2014)

      ​BWI Artists of Anne Arundel County "Hoof, Paw and Claw"           exhibit (November-March 2014)​

      BWI Artists of Anne Arundel County "Summertime" exhibit          (June-October 2013)